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Miniature book charms are a fun addition to bookmarks or to your holiday decorations collection.


Color print out of your favorite book cover Scissors Thin cardboard (like a cereal box)

Aleene's craft glue

Sculpey white modeling clay

Rolling pin

Sharp knife

Mod Podge

MAKE & GLUE UP YOUR COVERS Copy a picture of your favorite cover and size it to 1" tall (or however large you want your mini-book to be). Cut out your covers. I use a Fiskar's paper cutter because my free-hand cuts tend to be crooked.

Cut out thin cardboard the exact same size. I use cereal box cardboard which is thin enough to easily bend.

Glue the cover to the cardboard square. I use Aleene's craft glue. Let it dry. MAKE BOOK BLANKS

Roll out white Sculpey clay to just over 1/4" thick - nice and even.

Using a cardboard piece as your guide, cut out a rectangle that will become the "book blank" that you will insert inside the cover.

Take the knife and make page hash marks on the top, one side and the bottom of the book blank. They will look remarkably like pages after it's baked.

Insert the screw eye finding (size 10mm x 3mm hoop) into the top of the book blank.

Bake 15 minutes at 400 degrees.

MAKING YOUR BOOK CHARM While the book blanks cool, take a ruler and gently bend your book covers so there is a spine for the book blank to fit inside.

After the blanks are cool, glue the cover (now reinforced with the cardboard) around the book blank. Make sure the screw eye is at the top of the book.

Paint all parts of the book with Mod Podge & let it dry.

Congratulations! You have mini-book charms!

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